Victory Cup 2019
Online indoor rowing competition on Concept2 rowing machines, without borders and limitations

Victory Cup is an online indoor rowing competition on Concept2 rowing machines, without borders and limitations. 
Last year more than 280 athletes from 13 countries took part in Cup. Row with us whereever you are!

All you need is Concept2 rowing machine and camera! You can stay at your favorite club or at home and win! Join the international rowing community and test yourself in real races without borders! 
 At each stage, participants send their video with the distance of the stage. All videos are published on our website on the competition page so that each participant can see his rivals.
Our tournament is dedicated to the Victory in World War II.








March 25 -  March 31  

10 000 m

6 х 1 min relay


April 1 -  April 7

2 000 m

2 000 m


April 8 - April 14

6 000 m

10 min team race


April 15 - April 21

500 m

500 m


April 22 - April 28 

1 000 m

9 х 30 s relay


April 29 - May 5

100 m

100 m


Terms of participation
  • Categories of participation
  • Proper resuls recording
  • How to send your record
  • Scoring
  • Handicapping
  • Awards

Every men and women of at least 18 years old at the time of the start of the Tournament. Each participant must independently ensure that his physical condition allows him to participate in the Competition without endangering his health.

You can enter the tournament as individual athlete of one of the following categories:

Women 18-34 years (W18+)
Women 35+ years (W35+)
Men 18-34 years (M18+)
Men 35+ years (M35+)

All results of athletes in W35+ and M35+ categories will be adjusted according to the registered age of athlete. For more information please see the "Handicapping" and "Scoring" tabs.

You can also enter the tournament as a team of 2 men and 1 woman. There are no age categories in team competition.
If you decide to enter both individual and team competition, you will need to register twice (in individual and team category of participation). The registration ends on March 23, 2019.


Here is general information about video recording of your result:

  1. The quality of the record should be enough to see the whole record from the beginning to the end clearly
  2. Video editing is not allowed. If there are signs of editing, the athlete and/or team will be disqualified.
  3. Please note that during the course of the race, the use of belts, elastics or other restraining devices for securing the body to the seat is prohibited.

Please follow this instruction to record the result properly:

  1. At the beginning of the record introduce yourself and show you individual number that you’ve received after the registration. Please notice that the number should be visible during the whole record.
  2. Focus the camera on the Performance Monitor (PM5), so that the distance of time can be clearly seen within at least 3 seconds
  3. Position the camera so that the athlete and indoor rower can stay entirely in the frame throughout the whole record. The number of the participant must be visible throughout the course of the race.
  4. The recording should be continuous, without changing the camera angle.
  5. After completing the distance or time interval, you need to focus the camera and show the monitor for at least 5 seconds so that we can clearly see the result.

Here is the demonstration of the correct video recording of individual race from the Victory Cup 2018: 

Important information for teams

In addition to the information above, here are recommendations for teams:

  1. In team races, any team member can start first. During the course of the race team members can rotate according the team strategy. In team relays, the order should be as follows: Woman –> Man 1 –> Man 2.
  2. Every team member must overcome at least 20% of the race time. If the team doesn’t meet this condition, it is punished with a fine of -10 meters for every second missing before the time limit for each team member.
  3. Any help to the athlete during the passage of the section of the team race and at the time of transfer of the relay from other team members is not allowed. If this condition is not met, the video recording of the team race will not be accepted.
  4. Changing in the team race occurs only after the handle is locked in the stopper on the frame of the indoor rower and both legs of the athlete stay on the floor. If any of the conditions are not met, the team is punished with a fine of -50 meters for each such violation during the race.

Here is the demonstration of the correct video recording of a team race from the Victory Cup 2018:

The video should be uploaded on Youtube. Please send a link on this video to Victory Cup Organizing Committee by e-mail:

You should send the link on your video before midnight (GMT) of the last day of each stage.

For each stage, excluding team relay, the best result is equal to 100 points. Any other results are the percentage out of 100. For example, the best result of the 2000m distance is 06:45,0 (100 points), the second result is 06:55,0 (97,53 points) and so on.

This year we introduce the age handicap. The age handicap is a time difference deducted from the result in minutes, shown by an athlete over 35 years of age. We did this so that older athletes could compete on equal terms. The age handicap is calculated for ages from 36 to 89 years and is based on world records at the respective distances. To see the tables with the age handicaps please visit the "Handicapping" tab. 

For team relays, the best result is 300 points. Any other results are the percentage out of 300. For example, the best result is 2200 meters (300 points), the second result is 2130 meters (290,45 points) and so on. There are no age handicaps for teams.

The information below is important for 35+ athletes only.

Here are the tables with age handicaps for all stages (tap to open in full view):

After introducing the age handicap this year we have to add the age verification procedure for all individual athletes of the following categories who are interested to have the adjusted results:
1) W35+
2) M35+

To help the Organizing Committee verify your age before the beginning of the Victory Cup, please do the following:
1) take a picture of any document with your photo and date of birth only. We don't request any additional private information from you.
2) attach this picture to your registration form.

The age verification procedure will allow you to get the time results with age handicap after each stage of the Cup.

If you don't want to send any additional pictures or private data to the Organizing Committee, you can still take part in the competition in your category without age handicap.

The winners of the individual section are athletes (man and woman) of each category with the highest sum of points gained during the competition after age adjustment if needed.

The winner of the team section is the team with the highest sum of points gained during the competition.

All winners and runners-up will be awarded by GO2ROW and Partners of the Competition with memorable prizes.